The Witch of Skiatook OK Part 2

The truth is that the person buried at the witch’s grave is Abel G. Parkhill who was born September 1858 and died on the 14th of February (Valentine’s Day no less) in 1930. He was married toJennie Parkhill , who he had two children with, Emma 1891 and Nancy 1895. Jennie’s marriage to Abe was her second marriage after her first husband, William Eldridge had passed. Jennie is buried with her son from her first marriage, Jesse who died in 1940. Jennie died in 1924. Since Jennie died prior to Abe, the story of a lonely witch digging up her husband is impossible, unless her ghost was doing the digging.

The Hillside Cemetery began in 1882 in conjunction with the Indian Mission. The land was donated by George Washington Lloyd for the internment of the dead. The first recorded grave was occupied by Jesseen N. Lloyd, daughter of C. W. and lvi A. I Lloyd, in1882. The cemetery is located about 5 miles out of Skiatook. Turn north onto highway 11 (Peoria Avenue) and turn right onto 184th street north which is marked with a Historical Marker sign. Turn East onto the road and follow 184th street until you reach Hillside Cemetery on the right side of the road on the hill.






  1. Don

    I lived for 18 years 1/2 mile north of the cemetery and I can testify there were a lot of unexplained things that took place there. Nonbelievers can use all kinds of answers but if you only trying to find some truth you were always left wondering

  2. Aubrie

    I don’t know if this story is a myth or is true but I have searched on internet search with my granddaughter and. We pulled up Abel C Parkhil , as being the person. Buried in the Witches Grave in Hillside Cemetery , in Skiatook ,Oklahoma ,our question is why is he buried in her grave and. Where is she at , this is getting goodv, we love Ghost story’s thanking for share ng. We our on mission too find more out about this Witches grave and legion of Jennie Parkhill ,

    1. Rob

      Jennie Parkhill is buried with her son Jesse Eldridge. In Hillside Mission Cemetery.


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