Hornet Spook Light

Part 4: Location of Spook Light Road


The lights are visible on a 4 mile track of Highway 51 that is a paved country road in Oklahoma that locals call Devil’s Promenade. Most sightings are seen when you are looking west into Oklahoma between the hours of 10PM and 3 AM. The road is mildly hilly and you are to park your car in the valley between the two hills and look to the west up over the next hill.
Remember that this is a USED LOCAL HIGHWAY that does receive traffic. Try to park as far on the edge of the road as possible to be courteous to other drivers. This is very difficult because the road is very narrow and there is no real place to park on the side of the road unless you were to park on private property, which I am not suggesting you do unless you have proper authorization.

I have the GPS location of Devil’s Promenade for your convenience. As I stated previously, be courteous to other drivers and to the local land owners.


Image from Google Maps

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