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Slasher Movies to Get Sloshed To

March’s Movie list theme is Slasher films.  I went through my list and noticed I am not strong in this genre of movies.  Psycho is not in this list, it will be in a later blog installment.  Hostel and like… (Read more)

Romance Horror- Relationships of Nightmares

Romantic Horror genre? I Don’t think so.  These movies will more likely make you happy that you are not in an overbearing, back breaking relationship then make you want to cuddle up to someone.  Relationships of Nightmares is the theme… (Read more)

January Monster Horror Movies

My monster movie list includes some of the classics, a little of the strange and out there, and hopefully a few scares you have not watched.  I tried not to feature any movies that I already have planned for future… (Read more)

November Chilling Movies

Chilling November Horror Movies   List of horror movies that have to do with the winter weather and are just chilling thrillers.  These will run a shiver or two down your spine. Category- cold weather/ thrillers     Rating: Chilly-2/5… (Read more)

Kinemortophobia- For the Fear of Zombies!!

The phase of Zombie Movies has slowed down in the last few years giving way to more supernatural horrors.  Here are the classics and not so classics that have a tendency to grab you and rot your brain. – ENJOY!… (Read more)

Coulrophobia- THE FEAR OF CLOWNS

A list of horror films to scare the fun out of any night!  Enjoy! It       1990 In 1960, seven outcast kids known as “The Loser Club” fight an evil demon who poses as a child-killing clown. Thirty years later, they… (Read more)

Getting Ready For Halloween

The leaves are falling, the nights are getting colder, and it’s dark for longer and longer…Halloween is right around the corner. This is my list of some movies to watch to get into the Spirit or Ole’ Hallow’s Eve. Enjoy…. (Read more)