The Smiling Cat Part 1

I remember the first time I saw him. I was taking a night walk like I sometimes do. I was never scared to go out at night, my neighborhood never had any crime bigger than shoplifting or speeding.

I was taking a walk through a local park, and I had just sat down on a bench, underneath a lamp-post. This dark black cat walked out in front of me.

I thought I heard him purring, and he didn’t seem like he was going to hurt me, so I reached out and started to pet him. He meowed and made cute little noises and purred.

He began to purr louder, and brush up against my leg, as cats do. He opened his mouth, not to meow but he showed me his teeth like he was smiling for just a second, then he closed it. Something made a rustle in a bush up ahead, and he bolted off. It was getting pretty late, so I started to walk home.

I got to my door, and right as I put in my key, I heard a meow from right behind me. I turned around, and there was that same cat, sitting up, looking right at me with big green eyes, it was a scary green almost neon. Now I know you aren’t supposed to feed wild animals, but I couldn’t help it. He looked so hungry. I went inside, and hurriedly got a small paper plate, and put some small slices of ham on it. I opened the door to give it to him, but he was gone. So I set the plate down right outside my front door. I made the psst psst sound that almost every cat comes to but there was no trace of him.

After that I went to bed, as it was around 11:30. That night I woke up to something tapping on my window. I would have been a bit scared, had I not been too sleepy to comprehend anything. I turned over in my bed to see that same cat, sitting up, with those big green eyes, right on my window sill. He was definitely smiling now. I could see the slightest hint of white near his mouth, as his teeth were just barely showing.

His tail was flailing happily like his tail had a mind of its own, and bouncing against my window in the process. I didn’t notice at that moment, but I did realize something later that day. I always keep my blinds down and closed, and my curtains over the window. But when I saw the cat, the curtains were parted and the blinds were up.

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