Red Plastic Cup PART 1

Looking for some substantial horror tales?  Trying to scare yourself?  Your kids?  Looking for that tingle on your neck or maybe a thrill of adrenaline?  I know I am.  Read on for compilations and original spinnings of terror.

Original Story- The Red Plastic Cup

I was walking to  work on a sunny, windy and cold day.  The thermometer had said negative 10 and the weather man had stated a windshield of negative 22.  So why was I walking to work?  Because, my dear friends, I work from home.  Thats right, I was walking from my bed, to my bathroom, then to my office down the hall.

When I moved into my house I never really gave much thought into which room would be which.  I don’t have the pleasure of purchasing a new house with a master bedroom, walk in closet and master bathroom to tell you, hey this is the bedroom you sleep in, this other room with barely any closet is the office and so on.  So anyways, living in a house with the bedrooms pretty much the same size unless you want to get anal and get out a tape measure, you really can’t tell the difference.  I picked the bedroom on the northeast to be my bedroom. Not a great idea looking back, I am not a morning person and every morning, Hello Mr. Sun!!  I then picked the north west room as my office since it was on the other side of the bathroom from my bedroom.  Let me tell you something, living in an old leaky house with just a oil furnace with a unreliable pilot’s light is not fun.  Having to spend 8 hours a day in the northwest room when is is cold and windy, is really bad.

So back to me walking to work, right?  I am geared out in my thickest socks (those fuzzy grey ones) and some long flannel pj’s with an old high school hoodie on.  I look over my shoulder into my bedroom on my way to the office when I see it.  A red plastic cup, just sitting there, in the middle on the doorway to my bedroom.  Like I said earlier, I am not a morning person, and I would have kicked that cup or stumbled over it if it had been there when I had gone from my bed to the bathroom.  So I walk over to the red plastic cup and look into it.  I see my reflection looking back at me in the cup.  But it’s not quite me.  I am smirking and doing that thing with your eyebrows where you have one raised and one lowered like “What you doin’?”
I notice this and start laughing.  This is great.  I finally figured out how to do that with my eyebrows, or at least my subconscious did.
So I pick it up and take it into the office with me since I need to sign into work within the next 2 minutes or I will be late.  And I cannot be late again or God forbid my supervisor, Sandra,  will make me come into the office everyday and I will have her looking over my back watching every keystroke.
So I sit down at my desk, place the red plastic cup next to my computer monitor and sign in.
First call.  “Hi, This is S.K. Miller with Suicide Watch, I am a licensed suicide and crime counselor.  Tell me about why you are calling.”
“Uhhh, Yeah.  S.K. I talked to you yesterday and I am still having that feeling that my mom and dad don’t see me for me.  They just treat me like a child.  They don’t understand that I have an old soul and…”  blah blah blah..
Jesus.. This is the third time she has called in the last two days and she call at least 3 times a week.  But it seems like since she found out from another counselor my full name she has not left me alone, on the hotline, Facebook or otherwise.
“So S.K.  What should I do?”
….Leave me alone……Jump off a cliff…..Look into the red plastic cup and learn how to raise your eyebrows……
“You should sit down and talk one on one with your parents about your feelings.  Let them know how important they are to you and how what they say and do effects.”
…Where the hell did the red plastic cup go????  I look around my desk and it is nowhere to be seen.  It’s by my monitor.. I didn’t knock it into the floor… It’s not on the shelves next to my desk.
“Oh S.K.  You really get me.  Thank you.  Now can we talk about why I can’t find any guy attractive unless I talk to them on the phone.”
“Maybe another time.  Are you feeling more stable, more in control of your life now?”
“Alright then have a good day.  Goodbye.”
I started looking everywhere now for that goddamn plastic cup.  Where the hell did you go??? I was looking back over my shoulder when I spotted it.  Sitting back in the doorway of my bedroom..  Where I had seen it earlier.

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