Red Plastic Cup Part 4- The Final Installment

Happy Halloween Everyone

“Let yourself go S.K.  Let yourself go.”

Well that can’t be my sub-conscience because I hate having to call myself S.K. on the phone.  If that was my mind I would be calling myself Sam.. not S. Frikken K.”


Shit, incoming call.

Call 4.  “Hi, this is S.K. Miller with Suicide Watch, I am a licensed suicide and crime counselor. Tell me about why you are calling.”

“I am going to do it this time. My parents said that they love me. But they don’t really.  They just understand me.”

..Goddammit not this one again..

“What happened when you talked to them?”

blah blah.. pity me here.. pity me there.. “They started crying….” blah blah blah…

“Go ahead and hang yourself right in that room S.K.  Your tongue would turn blue. and your eyes wouldn’t see anymore.. and your ears wouldn’t hear anymore…”

“Um.. Haley.. It sounds like your parents really do love and care about you.”

..blah blah..

“Go ahead into the bedroom.. Go into the bedroom.”

..Why am I holding the red plastic cup and looking into it…..What the hell is happening to me?

“Thank you S.K.  you are the only good thing in my life.”

“Are you feeling more stable, more in control of your life now?”


“Alright then have a good day. Goodbye.”

“I would like to meet you in person some..”



“Suicide Watch just got a call” started the automated voice, “from the police stating that a 911 call was sent from your home about one of the callers.  I am removing you from incoming calls until you have completed an incident report.  Please call back to the office when you are completed.  If you have not called back within 2 hours, a supervisor will be notified and will call you at your number.”  Said the voice from the office.

Should have taken me off calls right away goddammit.

And again the red plastic cup is gone.

Nowhere in my office…Not in the doorway of my bedroom…What the hell.  Maybe it was all in my head.

I started going through the report.  If I got it done within 15 minutes I could set a times for 1hr and 15 min then send in then call the office.  In that 1hr and 15 min I could take a shower.. eat some grub… whatever..

Alright question1: Name of Caller… Dick weed that probably killed his family..


Time of call.. 8:30Am is what my log says.  Shit I have only been at work for little over an hour?  I swore it was at least almost noon.

Time of end of call.. 9:00

Time 911 called..9:01

911 personnel’s name…Jake

General overview of call.. He was batsheva crazy about a red plastic cup.  blah blah blah..

After a few more boring questions finally to the last one.

Do you feel you need to be seen by a counselor after taking this call… Probably, because now I am seeing the red plastic cup.

And that’s when I noticed that I was still holding the red plastic cup.  It had never disappeared it was there with me the whole time.  I was actually looking into right now.


. . . . . . . . .. . .

“Go ahead into the bedroom.  Don’t set an alarm.  No more alarms for you.  No more work for you.  Let go!!!”


Ring Ring

“S.K.?” It was Sandra from the office. “It has been 2 hours since you have received the automated message for you incident report.”

..No way.. It had to only be 20 minutes tops.  I look to my computer screen and the clock is flashing back at me the time as 11:45 AM.

“I am sorry Sandra, I swore that it was only 20 minutes ago.  I must have gotten too into the report.  I will send it over now.”

“S.K… You already sent in the report over an hour ago.  All it says on every answer line in Red Plastic Cup.

What is going on S.K.?”

“What, that can’t be..”

“I also received a call from the police that the man who had been on the phone with killed his two children, his wife and himself.  He had left a suicide note repeating Red Plastic Cup…. I am coming over there to check on you.”

“What? Sandra.. no, I don’t think it is safe. I am starting to hear things and see the same red plastic cup as the Jack was seeing. ”

“S.K.  I am already halfway there.”

I look into my  red plastic cup.

“Alright.  I will be waiting for you.”  My reflection says with a large grin.

“Is that where you strung her up and let her die in your bedroom you sicko!”  The large officer said.

“Yes” I say with a smirk. “And her tongue turned blue and she was let go.  It was beautiful.”

“Lock this sicko up,” said the officer


“I told you to let yourself go..” The voice said. “Now I will never leave you alone..”

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