Red Plastic Cup Part 2

“Incoming Call”

Call 2.  “Hi, this is S.K. Miller with Suicide Watch, I am a licensed suicide and crime counselor. Tell me about why you are calling.”

“Hi S.K.  I really need some help.  I am sitting outside on a park bench thinking about those people who freeze and are always found with a smile on their face.  I haven’t smiled about anything for a very long time.  I really think I should just lay here and let nature let me go.”

Let me go??? That is a new one.

“How long have you had the feeling of the need to “Let Go? ”

“Well ever since my..”blah blah blah.. Some long sob story later…Some tears later.. Some pun from me about getting some hot chocolate.

“Are you feeling more stable, more in control of your life now?”


“Alright then have a good day. Goodbye.”


Now how the hell did the red plastic cup get over there?

I look over my shoulder and it’s not there in the doorway of my bedroom at all.

What.. the … hell….

I look onto my desk and there it is sitting by my monitor.  Ooooo..k

Then I got the feeling to look into it again.

I peer over the edge and see my reflection again.  This time it is not smirking, no raised eyebrow. Now it was just me.

Well that is boring.  Next call please!

Call 3.”Hi, this is S.K. Miller with Suicide Watch, I am a licensed suicide and crime counselor. Tell me about why you are calling.” ”

S.K.?  What kind of a name is S.K.?”

“We cannot give out our full names due to work risk.”

“Ohh.. Alright S.K..” The guy on the line says with a thick slab of sarcasm..” I want to tell you something and I don’t want to be told by you that I am crazy, or need to go into see a psychologist, or that I need to start on some medications..”

This aughta be a good one….Let’s hear what you have to say psycho….

“I am here to listen.”

“Well it all started 3 hours ago.  At least that’s what my clocks and phone clock say.  But it feels like it has been 3 years.”

….Um ok….

“Well when I was coming home from working the night shift at the hospital I noticed a red plastic cup on my floor.  It was just sitting there in the doorway to my porch.  I noticed it after coming into the house, through the doorway mind you, as I was making some food before I would be going to sleep.  It couldn’t have been there when I walked into the house because I know I would have knocked it over or at least seen it when I got home.  And I don’t even have any plastic cups in my house.  Now I know what you’re thinking, but my kids were sleeping over at their cousin’s house and my wife was already gone for work.”

“Well that’s not the strangest thing either.  Since I saw it, I can’t stop looking into it.  Right away I just looked into it like every 2-3 minutes but now, I can’t stop doing it.  Even now I am looking into it.”

“Have you tried throwing the red plastic cup away?”

“Yes, but every time I attempt to, just as my hand is over the garbage bin with it..I get the unshaking urge to look back into it.  That’s not the weirdest thing….It also moves.  One moment I have it on my reading table, I look away, then it is back at the porch entrance. I know I am not crazy.  Maybe I should wait until my family gets home to see if they can see the red plastic cup as well.”

“Alright… But why did you call the suicide hotline…Are you feeling any …”

“Oh..yeah..That’s not the worst part of it.  After, as the clock says 2 hours of hide and seek and peek-a-boo with the cup, I started to hear things talking or people I don’t know which, about how pretty my brains would be on the porch.  Just how wonderful of a sight it would be.”

….Where did the red plastic cup go???  I start looking around again for the red plastic cup and yet again it is nowhere in my office.

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