Hidden Road To Hell

“Camcorder, notebook, smart phone, full tank of gas in the car… I think we are ready to go Troy,” said Marsha as she was packing her large bag she called her ‘Ghosting Pack.’


Marsha and Troy had a promising following in their area for finding and investigating hard to find urban legends.  Last month they had travelled over 200 miles to find the ‘Whaling Sirens at Lake Superior.’  They ended up with siren looking figures in blurry pictures that would give the shivers to many of their readers.


This time they were headed out to find the ‘Hidden Road to Hell.’  This road was supposedly only visible on a moonless night around 2 AM.  You can find it in an area with no trees, except for an outcropping that are only visible when you drive by it the third time.  The road itself is also unable to be found until you drive by on third time.  The road starts as being paved but then turns to broken pavement with large ruts, then to gravel and finally to a muddy section line.


Marsha and Try had no belief in such a thing.  A follower of theirs had stated they had found the road and had sent them the GPS coordinate for the road entrance.   It was 2 ½ hours away by Google maps through many turns, small towns and on unknown country roads.


Troy jumped into the driver’s seat and pulled out his cellphone, punched in the coordinates and looked over to Marsha. “We gotta go Marsha, it’ll be 2AM by the time we get there as it is.”


As the GPS guided them from their well-known roads to unfamiliar territory, each turn added a little anxiety.  It was this way with each urban legend they visited.  A mixture of the unknown, the tall tale they were told, and the darkness of the night.


They counted the small towns as they went; Casey, Sisseton, Boulder Peak, and Harrison.  Each town was more run down with the last one having boarded up house windows and iron gates around all of the businesses.  The roads they drove began to get thinner and thinner as well as more desolate with only 2-3 other drivers being seen within the last 20 minutes.


“This is supposedly the road that intersects with the ‘Hidden Road to Hell.’  Why don’t you turn on the camcorder and read a little more to me about the urban legend Marsha,” Troy said with his eyes piercing forward.  The night was pitch black in front of them with the only light being emitted from the car’s bright headlights.


Marsh turned on the overhead light and started the live streaming camcorder. “The ‘Hidden Road To Hell’ was first believed to be found in 1945 after a series of unexplained murders shortly after WW II ended.  5 women and 3 men were killed within 3 months of each other.  They were all found with severe stab wounds around their spines.    The stab marks were all consistent with an extremely sharp, hooked blade.  All of them had their entire lumbar portion of the spine cut and removed from their backs.  All of them were found on the outside of their vehicles, groping at the door handles in the middle of the same field.


Another strange portion of the murders were that there were never any tire marks, not even from the victim’s vehicles.  This was the case whether it was dry, raining or even snow.  As if the victims’ with their cars were dropped into the middle of nowhere.


The murders stopped suddenly after the authorities had arrested the farmer who owned the field at the time.  The man was executed 2 years later, then the killings started again.  Since 1947, over 3 dozen other victims have been found in the same field, with the same exact mode of death.  Lumbar spine cut out, vehicles with no tracks and the victims outside their vehicles.  The authorities never found any of the victim’s spines and the only footprints that could be found were those of the victims’.  All of the victims could be accounted for the night before the attack and were driving at around 2-3AM on moonless nights.


None of the victims seemed to be connected.  They were all ages from the youngest at 4 years old and the oldest at 81 years old.  Male, female, single, married, divorced, any religious civic, any race, and so forth showing no real victim type.  They were all just driving around the same time on moonless nights and all died in the middle of the same field.


Many of the murders were long forgotten after being partially covered up by the local authorities who didn’t want the area to be known nationally for the mysterious murders.  They went so far as to remove all online records of the murders.  The legend has spread only by word of mouth within the last decade due to a ghost hunting group had gotten a whiff of the old story.  That group was unable to find the ‘Hidden Road To Hell’ due to the locals.”


“Well, we aren’t getting out of the car, that is for sure,” Troy stated after making a U-Turn on the highway.  “This is our 2nd swing by the GPS location.  I don’t see anything out here… just sunflower fields is what it looks like but I can’t be sure.”


Marshall was right.  There were no other drivers, no farm house lights, and no trees.  The headlights only illuminated short endless rows of stalks on each side of the road.\


“The guy who sent us the GPS coordinate said he found it but was filled with such a deep feeling of dread and fear, he didn’t turn onto the road.  The legend goes on to say no one has been attacked for the last 2 decades…” Marsha stopped.


“Anything else?” Troy asked.


“There… there are pictures here of the victims Troy.  The look horrible!  The backbones are just…tore out!  Their faces, they seem to have been screaming!” Marsha said with her hands over her mouth.  Her face was showing the horror she was feeling as she looked through the papers.


Troy turned for the last U-Turn and started slowly forward again for the 3rd and final look for the ‘Hidden Road To Hell.’


“I don’t see anything Troy.  The GPS says it is 200 feet forward and will be on my side of the road.”


The car inched forward as they both strained forward in their seats looking out Marsha’s window.  Nothing…


Then they both saw it.  A large group of trees immediately by the road with a paved road intersecting with the one they were driving on.


Troy stopped the car as Marsha lowered the window to get a better shot on the camcorder.


“That wasn’t there!  I swear that group of trees and that road wasn’t there the last 2 times!” Troy said in disbelief.


Marsha recorded the GPS stating that they were in fact, sitting at the intersection to the ‘Hidden Road To Hell.”


Troy turned the car onto the paved road and started going down the road.  Marsha closed the window as they moved slowly forward.  Neither Marsha nor Troy said a word as the road changed from paved to a rutted/broken road.  Then finally about 40 ft. further it changed to a gravel road.  The trees on each side of the road were spread over the roads, making a living tunnel that they could not see any end.  The road dropped to a dirt path.


“Let’s turn around Troy.  This is too much,” Marsha said with a wavering voice.


“There is no room to turn around, the trees are too close to the road.  But I can just back us out,” Troy said as he put the car in park and then to reverse.  Before he could hit the gas to start backing up, they hear a small knock on the door.


Neither Marsha nor Troy say anything at his window.  Troy pushed the gas pedal and they quickly went from a trail to gravel, then to the broken road and finally to the paved road.  They then felt the road intersect with the highway and Troy turned the car and started driving away from the road.  Troy then attempted to punch in the coordinates to their home town when he heard the dreaded words, “No GPS service.”


“How is that possible?  The Camcorder is still streaming live.  See?  The light shows that it is,” Marsha said confused.


“I don’t know how that is possible, but I know how to get back to the last town.  From there we should have GPS service,” Troy said slowly.  They a right turn, and then a left, but nothing was looking familiar.  Troy and Marsha became more frantic with each turn.  After 30 minutes of unfamiliar turns, Troy stopped the car and started screaming madly at the GPS.


“Troy…” Marsha said slowly as she pointed out the windshield.  “There is someone there.”


There, standing in front of the car was an elderly man coming up to the car.  “Are you folks lost?  A lot of people get lost out here,” the elderly man said.


“Oh thank God,” Troy said as he parked the car and lowered the window.  “Hi there, yeah we got pretty lost out here.”


“Well that’s understandable.  It’s pretty dark.  Here come on out and I will show you how to get to the nearest town on my map here,” the elderly man said as he took an old and weather map out of the back pocket of his pants and started unfolding it on the car’s hood.


Troy quickly unbuckled his belt and went out of the car to stand next to the elderly man.  The elderly man pointed out a spot on the map and the Marsha heard muffled conversation between the two.  Troy was smiling now and recounting how they had gotten lost.  The elderly man now was shaking his head and outstretched his hand towards Marsha and gestured for her to come out to also get directions.  Marsha sat the camcorder on the dash, popped out of the car, closed her door, and went towards the elderly man.


It was then that the elderly man started twitching and pulled out a long handkerchief from behind him, but it was covering something.  It was a long, hooked knife.


The local authorities found Troy and Marsha the next day, in the same field as the other victims.  Their lumbar portion of their spine cut out, with their arms grasping desperately at the door handles of the car.  The camcorder was entered into evidence and had shown the conversation with the elderly man, then had cut out for 3 minutes then back to showing the car’s headlights shining on nothingness.


Due to the live broadcasting, there have been many more sightseers visiting the ‘Hidden Road To Hell.’  And the victims count has never been so often, nor so high.

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