1 hour 34 minutes

Director: Ajai

Writer: Ajai

Cast: Shirly Brener, Edward Furlong, Tiffany Martin, Laurence Mason

The only thing that I liked about this movie was the music that was done by Marcello De Francisci. Sadly the plot had potential, the acting was sub-par and the videography went from amazing to worst than amateur. That can also be said for the sound. At times you could here everyone’s dialogue, but then in the next scene you had turn to the volume up substantially just to hear it. Also, all together this movie is not scary. There are parts with gore, but this is not as hard hitting due to makeup that was unbelievable.

It starts out with showing you the two main characters, mourning over the death of their daughter. Then we seen them in the next scene with another couple pulling up to a solitary house in the middle of the desert. The caretaker for the house is very clear that she never enters the house and she leaves in a hurry telling the main actor that “The pain of birth always catches up to us.” Ooh…Very scary right?

stitch skull

The two couples are said to be at the house to help the parents of the dead girl get over her passing. So they go on to do a ritual that supposedly helps you release the “demons” that are holding on to them , making them mourn. From here we start seeing a dark smoky demon with a cow’s skull head, attack the couples by cutting them and stitching them up. Thus the name of the movie. Then there is added drama such as a cheating spouse and an unborn baby to do the consummation, a demonic possession and the couples’ vehicle stolen with no other way for the couples to get home or to the nearest town that is 50 miles away.

One of the more pathetic scenes is after the vehicle is stolen the couples decide to try and walk to the town in the desert. Instead of leaving at night to prevent walking in the blaring sun, they leave in the middle of the day and stop for their break after not even walking a 1/4 mile. Seriously? When a demon is after you and you try to flee you can only walk 1/4 mile? They are then forced to turn around because of exhaustion and then they see a lunar eclipse, the earth turns dark and a catastrophic lightning storm killing hundreds of thousand of people all around the world starts.

stitch demonic possession

The ending turns the movie into more of a pseudo-science/psychological thriller.

The skinny- I am never watching this movie again, it did not scare me one bit. Actually I’ll even go on to say that I am going to delete this movie from my Plex library. I wouldn’t even watch this movie on bad movie night showing with friends for a laugh.

IMDB Site: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1864492/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ov_st_sm

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