Pork Chop

The Legend of Pork Chop —-Farmer McIntire and his wife lived on a farm not too far from here.. And on that farm they raised a pig…


pork chop end



I was not expecting this. I really wasn’t. As the beginning scenes started I thought “Great another waste of time movie with nothing good to say.” Then it completely changed as I met the cast.  A nerd, his sister, the sister’s cheating boyfriend, a girl the nerd likes, a girl the cheating boyfriend is sleeping with, a British Punk, and the nerd’s robot.  I know it doesn’t sound like a winning group of characters, but the writers played so much on these stereotypes that it made them actually have personalities.
This movie I would recommend to anyone that enjoys B-movies that know exactly what they are. This movie knew it’s acting wouldn’t be the greatest, it didn’t have the backing for huge CGI effects, so it went down the road to becoming an amazing horror comedy. This movie could sit on the same shelf as Troll 2 and, dare I say it… Evil Dead (The original).


The script feels like it was done by a deranged Mel Brooks. The movie itself wasn’t scary but it was hilarious. Making fun of the normal formula for teens going out into the woods by having a creepy prophecy placed on them, the cheerleader/ tramp actually being dressed in a cheerleader uniform and the nerd stating that he went to Space Camp.


If you are looking for a movie where you see a chick getting killed by a chainsaw…and later we see her dwarf fetus, this is the movie for you. Or how about a newscaster named Rick Richardson that is on Ass Whole News Network. I really did enjoy this movie. Maybe it is the immature side of me that did. I wouldn’t be watching this as the horror feature but maybe a movie to watch after being completely creeped out and needing a relaxing, funny movie.  Also the original score by The Buttonflies ir worth listening to.  Kind of a Green Jelly take on pigs.

Pork Chop-2010

Written and Directed by: Eamon Hardiman

Starring: Ruby Larocca, Erin Russ, Chris Woodall, Sherra Ferrell

Note: This movie does have sex and is NSFW and definitely not safe for children.

pork shop skank

Creepy Score Funny Score 4/5

Re-Watch-ability 4/5



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