The Keepsake

1 hour 41 minutes


Director: Paul Moore

Cast: Robert Pralgo, Sunny La Rose, Liz Blake, Ryan Capps

Three words can depict my feelings and what I was yelling throughout most of this movie, “Run Dammit Run!” The movie starts off with Janine who drives off the road and has to call a tow truck. After what she though was being harassed by locals, the tow truck man comes out and the first gross part of the movie happens, we see that the tow truck operator has no tongue. As if someone had cut out his tongue. This startles Janine but she goes along with the tow to the next town when she notices that the tow truck operator is quick to anger and possibly dangerous. It escalates from here to a cop being shot, and Janine’s capture then the movie takes a darker turn. From a thriller at the beginning it turns into an all out torture film.


When Janine is brought back to the tow truck operator’s farm against her will we learn that Janine herself may be hiding something evil inside her own mind. Janine is controlled by a high powered chock collar that the tow truck uses to his advantage to shock her whenever she talks and also to get her to strip down to the nude and hose off every day. We follow her go a little crazy here and there, talking to her zombie gal pal in the cellar, and having dreams of an alter-ego/ sister? All of this going on while watching the tow truck man bring back “fresh catches” of women and torturing them by pulling out their teeth and amputating legs. This movie is not for children due to the torture and is shown in full. No shadows and screams, the viewer gets to see it all. The tow truck man really does have something against women talking. As well as a timer going to the 30th day Janine is captured to give a little plot timeline for the watcher.

When the ending does arrive, it is a plot twister that doesn’t add to the movie, just makes it a little confusing. At first we want to know “What’s in the binder! What’s in there??” Then when the viewer is shown and knows that Janine wasn’t in over head in the first place and is sadistic even to a fellow sufferer.

keepsake ending

The Short:

Movie is for some torture and gore fans. Not really a movie that leaves you afraid of every bump in the night.

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