Always Watching: A Marble Hornet’s Story


Always Watching: A Marble Hornet’s Story

Director: James Moran
Writers: Ian Shorr, Joseph DeLarge, Troy Wagner
Starring: Alexandra Breckenridge, Chris Marquette and Jake McDorman
Rating: R
Run Time: 1h 32min

slenderman last

A Mysterious man is seen by a husband and wife his family, stalking them and living in the trees on their property. The only time you can see the stalker is when you are looking through a video recorder. This movie is filled with jump scares and video recording that turns to cheap scratching whenever we view the stalker (who, of course, is Slender Man). The scares are usually predictable within the found footage horror flick.



The movie starts when we meet the cameraman for a small news channel named Milo and his coworkers. They are investigating the disappearance of a man named Dan and his family. The team find video recordings the Dan left that show us in chronological order how the Slender Man stocking became increasingly worse, ending with the family vanishing.

slenderman 2


We watch Milo get sucked into the investigation and himself get stalked and “branded” by Slender Man. The film pursues the answer to the questions of what happened to Dan’s family, if they survived Slender Man, and if they did, how?


slenderman 5

Unfortunately the film did not go deeper into who Slender Man/ The stalker is, why he kills, or how to stop him like many villain/ monster movies do.

slenderman 4


The film wrapped up into a nice little bundle by the end with best scenes not even including Slender Man but showing the effects of the high- anxiety setting had on Milo and his cohorts.



The Wrap


Milo is the only character with development and even though he is socially awkward and stalks people himself, the film did a good job on making the viewer like him. We don’t get to really know Slender-Man enough to even fear him in the movie. So the villain, although creepy, is not by any means the moving force of the movie. The film itself, in it’s nice little wrapped up bundle, should be deleted off any floppy disk, DVD, computer hard drive, flash drive, cloud, or anywhere else this thing may be seen. It is a waste and should be thrown out into the trash.


slenderman 3


Scary Rating: 1/5
Re-watch ability: 0/5



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  1. 110191

    The other one that shouldn’t be watched is Slender. That was terrible.

    1. Savanna (Post author)

      Thank you for the recommendation!!


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