There it was.  His bright red car looked back at him from the darkness.  Grinning gleefully, Trent reached out, his short chubby fingers wrapping around the cool metal of the car.

As he pulled his arm back, something under the bed moved.  At first Trent couldn’t be sure of what he saw, but he knew there was something under there.  He could hear the scampering of feet on the wooden floor.  He froze, his arm still under the bed, his eyes wide with fear.


A loud thunder clap shook the house just as another large flash of lightning lit up the room.  Trent screamed as two large red eyes stared back at him from the darkness.  Even in the low light of the lightning, Trent could see the razor sharp teeth of a monster as it edged closer to him, its forked tongue sliding between its jagged teeth and dry, cracked lips.

It was hideous.  Its body was like one large blister, red and filled with pus.  Trent could barely make out the veins that ran along its body, pulsing and throbbing with each breath that it took.  Its eyes were redder than the car he held in his hand and its teeth were so sharp they looked like they belonged to a shark.  A string of drool trickled from its mouth as it inched closer to the young boy.

Closing his eyes, Trent began to count backwards, hoping when he opened them, the blister monster would be gone.

“Ten.  Nine.  Eight.  Seven.  Six.  Five.  Four.  Three.  Two,” counted Trent, his eyes firmly shut, his knuckles turning white as his gripped his car tighter.


He opened his eyes and screamed as the blister monster lunged at him, spitting some kind of goo in his direction.

Scooting backwards on his bum, Trent moved across the floor, throwing toys at the monster in order to defend himself.  His toy soldiers bounced off the horrid creature as it chased him, its nails scraping along the floorboards.

Trent threw his bat at the creature.  Like the plastic soldiers before, the bat bounced straight of the hideous sight without affecting it.  Frustrated and scared, Trent reached into a pile of toys and began hurling them across the room the best he could.

Baseballs, tennis balls, trucks, cars, Lego.  Nothing seemed to slow the creature down.

Trent’s back hit the wall.  A quick glance behind him confirmed his worst fear.  He was backed into a corner.  The door to his bedroom was on the other side of the room.  And so was the big light.

His hand skimmed across the wooden floors, searching for something, anything; he could use to defend himself.  The monster leaned in, its foul breath wafting up Trent’s nostrils.  It smelt like rotten fish, boiled cabbage and his father’s sweaty old gym socks.

In a last ditch effort, Trent’s hand wrapped around something furry.  It was his old teddy bear from when he was younger.  Balding in parts, missing an eye and some of its stuffing, the bear had been in many wars when Trent was growing up.  When he reached the age of ten, he decided he was too old for Bear and had placed him at the bottom of his toy chest.  Now, with every other toy scattered about the floor, Bear was Trent’s last hope of survival.

Holding Bear up, Trent watched as the monster’s eyes grew bigger, popping out of the sockets.  It hissed at him, eyes trained on Bear.

Trent stared at the ragged old teddy bear with its missing eye and bald patches.  How could something so heinous be scared of a silly old teddy bear?  Not waiting to find out, Trent threw Bear at the monster.

An animalistic scream bellowed from the blister creature as Bear bounced off its head.  Trent grinned as the teddy bear landed on its side next to the monster.

The monster roared before lunging at Trent, wrapping its slimy tentacles around the boys arms, pulling him closer to the jagged teeth that were grinding against each other like cog gears.

The frightened boy let out a wailing ear-piercing scream as the monster bit down on his body.  Blood spurted across the room, coating the walls and floor and all that stood in between.  Kicking and screaming, Trent tried to pull away, but the blister creature held him tight, chewing on his legs and arms before biting his torso in half, killing him.

As the storm outside let up, the creature slowly moved back to its home under the bed, waiting for its next victim.

That’s not a scary story.”

Kate sat on her sleeping bag on the floor of her best friend’s bedroom.  Her friend Jane looked at her solemnly, her blue eyes studying the faces of her friends.  “I swear it’s true,” she said, holding up her hand in a ‘scout’s honor’ salute.  “It happened in this very room.”

“Yeah right,” scoffed Jasmine.  “It’s just a scary story.  There’s no truth to it.”

“There is too and I can prove it,” Jane said softly.

“No you can’t,” said Mina, braiding her long blonde hair.

Quietly Jane climbed off her bed and made her way across the room to the closet.  Carefully she pulled it open.  Standing on the very tips of her toes, she reached up, her hand feeling blindly around on the top shelf.

After a couple of minutes, she let out a triumphant cry as she pulled down the object she was looking for.

She turned around.  Each of her friends gasped in shock.

For in her hand, Jan held a teddy bear that was missing one eye, had bald patches and was coated in blood.

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