(Please read while the listener has their eyes closed)


You are sleeping, and then you hear a very loud sound. You immediately wake up and think that it’s just your dream. Confused, you lie back down and close your eyes. You hear it again, a loud sound. The sound is similar to the one that horses make, but this one is mixed with the hiss of a cat.

You hear it again.

Now you know that you’re not dreaming anymore, and you can’t explain what the sound is. You grab your phone and call your parents. None of them answer. They’re probably sleeping, you think. You try to ignore the sound and try to go back to sleep.

You hear it again.

Scared, you get off the bed and walk towards your room’s door. Slowly, you open it only a little. You look outside but it’s dark. You look at the end of the hallway and you see two red eyes. They’re on the ceiling. You turn on the light and the eyes disappear.

Scared and shaking, step by step you get closer to it.

You’re half way there.

The light turns off.

You hear the sound again….

It’s right behind you.

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