The Smiling Cat Part 3 – Final Installment

I woke up on my own, and was immediately compelled to look to my window and saw what has scared me for the rest of my life. It was that cat, with his damaged body, smiling larger than ever before and staring right at me. His eyes were not bright green anymore and were oozing blood. They were pitch black, as if his pupils had enlarged to his entire eye.

He looked at me and he started to… dance… His broken limbs flailing about in an unnatural and horrifying manner, his left leg was still bent the wrong way, and his ear was still torn. Every time he moved a sickening crack could be heard. I screamed and ran for my life, got in my car, and drove as far away from that city as possible.

Sometime later, after I had moved and started a new job, I saw something on my bed as I awoke. It was that cat. He looked somewhat strange. I was scared by the mystery of how it got in here. It couldn’t have been the last one, it looked nothing like it. Then suddenly, its eyes changed to a crimson red color and it smiled a truly evil smile. I screamed at the top of my lungs as it began to walk towards me, hissing at me. It pinned me to the ground and slashed and slashed and slashed me with its claws, all while smiling. One of my neighbors called 911 when they heard the screaming and the police burst through the door, saw what was happening and shot the demon off of me. The police didn’t ask any questions about what had happened, and if they did what could I say?

But then I realized if it was able to come back once….what’s stopping it from coming back again….

The Smiling Cat Story was compiled from a creepypasta

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