So a small group of recent immigrants to the US decide to send a care package to their struggling family back in The Old Country. The package is stuffed full of food and goodies of all sorts, which the poor family eagerly digs into. Everybody has fun trying out the food from the far off place called America, and all the strange but delicious flavors make for a happy time. But the festive mood comes to a screeching halt when one of the uncles practically chokes on the drink he just tasted.

“Agh it tastes awful!” he says, “Is this the kind of drink that they like over there?”

Well after that naturally everybody in the room wants to take some sips of this weird drink to taste for themselves and try to take a guess at the drink flavor. After the glass is passed around the flavor remains a mystery though, as nobody can even come up with an idea as to what it might be. They ask the uncle where he got the drink from and he holds up a container of drink mix powder with a spoon in it. The container is very pretty but there isn’t anything written on it or any kind of pictures that would help identify the weird flavor. Soon they all try to move on and forget about the drink mix that has left such a horrible taste in their mouths.

It’s not until later that evening that they discover the shocking truth about the drink mix: Someone finds a letter tucked into the corner of the care package. The letter explained that sadly Grandma had passed away that month, and her last wish was to have her ashes buried in The Old Country. To save money the family back in the US simply sent the urn with her ashes in it along with the care package. Would they please bury the urn in the local cemetery?

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