Several months ago, my cat went missing in the woods, and I had to look for him. It was late at night, and the moon was a thin crescent, so the only source of light was my flashlight.

I had seen my cat several times, but he seemed to be scared of something; every time I got close, he’d run further away. At a certain point, he got scared of something, and ran back towards the house.

I started to make my way back, and saw a man. He was just standing there, absolutely still. He had nondescript brown hair and a tweed jacket on. I could make out all of his facial features except his eyes, where there just seemed to be shadow.

I called out to him, but he didn’t respond. I then said “I can see you, you know” and was greeted with silence. I turned, and walked a few steps, and turned around. He was a few feet closer. I turned, walked some more, and looked again. This time, he was partially hidden behind a tree.

I didn’t need any more warning; I booked it back to my house, where my cat desperately wanted to come in. I locked the doors, and sat on my couch until I calmed down.

Ever since that night, every few weeks, I hear a noise at my window. A slow, loud, rhythmic tap. There are no trees out there, and most of the nights it’s happened, there’s no wind. Every time, I’ve been too scared to look. Probably for the better, the last thing I want to see is a man with a tweed jacket, and no eyes.

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