Yes, there is a road named Hairy Man Road. Located in Round Rock, the legend goes that a young boy in the 1800’s became separated from a settlers’ caravan during a dark and stormy night, while the group was trying to escape the rising waters of a nearby creek.

He managed to survive on his own and became a hermit in the area. Not being civilized, he avoided contact with people and terrorized anyone who dared entered his domain of the wooded area along what became known as Brushy Creek

Frightening stagecoaches and solitary riders alike, his legend grew in the area until one day the horses leading a speeding stagecoach trampled him to death while he attempted his infamous intimidation.

Now the legend did not stop there. To this day, frightened travelers of the road swear that they have seen a large, very hairy man lurking in the bushes and overgrowth alongside the road. Teenagers use the road for thrill seeking with young men hope that stopping on the road will encourage their date to seek safety in their arms.

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