Two farmhands shared a room. One slept at the back of the room while the other slept near the door. After a while, the one who slept near the door began to feel very tired early in the day. His friend, concerned, asked what was wrong.

“An awful thing happens to me every night,” he explained. “A witch turns me into a horse and rides me all over the countryside.”

“I’ll sleep in your bed tonight,” his friend offered. “We’ll see if it happens to me, too.”

About midnight, an old woman who lived nearby snuck into the room. She mumbled some strange words over the farmhand, and he found he couldn’t move. Then she slipped a bridle on him and he turned into a horse.

The next thing he knew, she was riding him across the fields at a breakneck speed, beating him to make him race even faster. Soon, they came to a house where a party was going on. There was a lot of music and dancing. They were having a great time inside. The witch hitched him to a fence and went inside.

While she was gone, the farmhand rubbed against the fence until the bridle came off, allowing him to turn back into a human being.

He went into the house and found the witch. He repeated the words that she had spoken over him and with the bridle; he turned her into a horse. Then, he rode her to a blacksmith and had her fitted with horseshoes. Afterwards, he rode her to the farm where she lived.

“I have a pretty good filly, here,” he told her husband, “but I need a stronger horse. Would you like to trade?”

The old man looked her over, and said he would do it. So choosing the horse he would trade for the mare, the farmhand rode away.

The husband led his new horse to the barn. He took off the bridle and went to hang it up, but when he came back, the new horse was gone. Instead, there stood his wife; horseshoes nailed to her hands and feet.

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