Blue Baby Bonnet

Once there was a young woman who had a child, but couldn’t afford to take care of it by herself, so she put a blue baby bonnet on its head and carried it two miles from her house and left it in the woods
As she began to walk home she heard
“Blue Baby Bonnet One Mile Away”
As she reaches her home she hears
“Blue Baby Bonnet, One Mile Away”
As she sits in her living room to read a book she hears
“Blue Baby Bonnet, Coming Up the Driveway”
She runs upstairs and sits on her bed she hears
“Blue Baby Bonnet, Standing At Your Door”
She hides under the bed and hears . .
“Blue Baby . . .BOOO!”


 The story is about suspense, the creepier the voice you use for all sentences in quotations, the more elaborate you make the story, the more you emphasize the woman’s guilt and fear and the more carefully your campers are listening will make the story that much better and the result when you scream “BOOO” will most likely be a scream or make people jump. Lots of fun for the story-teller.


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